Villefranche – A Walk Along the Southern France Seaside Town

We took time off from our fun aboard the Freedom of the Seas to visit Villefranche, a charming and photogenic French fishing village along the Mediterranean.

Villefranche, France
Villefranche is a quaint French village along the French Riviera. It's situated between Cannes and the Italian border. Photo by Bonnie Fink.
 Not long ago we stopped in at Villefranche, a little French town along the Mediterranean coast. We were aboard the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas for a western Mediterranean cruise, then an Atlantic crossing back to Florida.
Villefranche is situated about 25 miles east of Cannes, and about an hour and twenty minutes travel time by train. And of course, it’s literally next door to Nice.
Here are some still images we stitched together into a short video to show what we discovered just walking around this picturesque town.
Villefranche is a small seaside town along the French Rivera near the cities of Nice and Cannes. It has no docks big enough to accommodate cruise ships but it’s a popular stop nonetheless, with cruisers going ashore on tenders.


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