Fall Colors in the Rocky Mountains

We’ve spent time in many different places in the fall and admired the fall colors. People rave about the Sierras; especially the eastern Sierras during the fall season, and of course, you can’t compare New Hampshire and Vermont to anywhere in the world. But this year, we were in the Rockies, and while we were in Cortez visiting Meas Verde, we couldn’t help taking a bit of time out to venture up into the Rockies for a look at the aspens and other trees that were in full fall mode.

To get our fall colors on this day trip, we headed north out of Durango along Highway 550 through the San Juan National Forest, past Silverton, making our way around to Telluride. We made a loop out of the trip by returning to Cortez via Highway 145.

Our short day trip started in Cortex, Colorado. We went east to Durango, then turned north, up through Silverton and on to Telluride. From there, we headed back to Cortez via Highway 145—through the Uncompahgre National Forest—making a loop out of the whole day.

Here are some of the images we captured along the way:

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