Cochem, Germany – A Gallery

When we arrived in Cochem, there were probably 1,000 bikers in town, plus a compliment of other tourists from tour companies, boat excursions, and folks like us, who just drove in for the day or weekend. It apparently was a German holiday, and the Germans were out in full force.

There were bikes, boats, old cars, new cars, just about every kind of recreational vehicle you would expect to see in the US, but in German style. Bikes, for example, are overwhelmingly Harley Davidson at a typical US motorcycle rally. In Cochem, there were a few Harleys, but the bikes were a mixture of other brands. Many European brands including BMW and Triumph, but many Japanese bikes too.

There seemed to be a campground along the river about every three miles too, and in these were motorhomes, trailers, and tents; about what you would expect in the US but on a slightly smaller scale.

On the river were ski boats, kayaks, cabin cruisers. Again, about what you would expect in the US.

The draw in Cochem, of course, was the castle located high up on the hill. It was what interested us, and


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