Cadiz: A Lazy Walk Through Town

Not long ago we spent a morning walking through Cadiz, Spain. We were in port aboard the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas; one...
Villefranche, France

Villefranche – A Walk Along the Southern France Seaside Town

 Not long ago we stopped in at Villefranche, a little French town along the Mediterranean coast. We were aboard the Royal Caribbean Freedom of...
Market Square in Rothenburg

Rothenburg ob der Tauber: A Second look

We were fascinated a couple of years ago when we visited Rothenburg; so much so that we put it on our list of places...
Culzean Castle

Visiting Culzean Castle

During one of our last visits to Europe, we were fortunate enough to make a British Isles cruise. We were aboard the Caribbean Princess,...
Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

There are plenty of ways to enjoy a Disney vacation if you live in the U.S. There's the classic Disneyland Anaheim that many of...
Neuschwanstien Castle

Germany – Our 2017 Photo Tour

So far during our 2017 Germany trip we've made several stops in Germany, We've covered towns from the Baltic sea to the Austrian border,...
Hotel Villa Ludwig

Villa Ludwig – A Great Hotel In Southern Germany

The first time we stayed in Schwangau, we made our home at the Villa Ludwig, a small eighteen room hotel just on the outskirts...
Restaurant in Weinhaus Uhle

Weinhaus Uhle – A Four Star Hotel in the German Town...

There are many places to visit in Germany, and many of them are quite popular. One town in the northeast that's not yet recognized...