Bison in the Road

Yellowstone, A First Look

Okay, it’s not actually our first look at Yellowstone. We’ve been here many times over the last few decades. We’ve been here with our 5th wheel trailer, staying in the park and close by in West Yellowstone. We’ve been here camping, and even been here staying exclusively at hotels, like we are this time.

But this is our first trip here in awhile, and we need to point out how much we enjoy it, each and every time we’ve been.

This time, we’re not finding the animals like we have in the past, but we may be a bit early. And when we say we’re not finding the animals, we mean we’re not seeing as many elk as we were expecting. There are plenty of bison, antelope, and even a coyote up close and personal like we’ve never seen before, but the elk are a bit hard to come by.

We usually find the elk along the Madison River between West Yellowstone and Madison Junction, and there are indeed a few starting to show up, but we’re not seeing the large herds like we usually encounter. Also, we usually see plenty of elk just hanging around Mammoth Hot Springs, but not this year. They usually nap in residents’ yards, but so far, not this time.

The Lamar Valley, located along the northeast part of the park is full of life. We’ve encounter large herds of bison and antelope, and we’ve even seen one grizzly bear feeding on a bison carcass.

Enough with the words. Here are a few on the images we’ve made so far. Enjoy:


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