Spending a day walking around downtown Seattle - especially the Pike Place Fish Market - can be a fun etention to a great Alaskan cruise.

Harbor at Seattle, Washington, with the Seattle Great Wheel, ferry, and cargo docks in the background. View is from the Fish Market on Pike Place. Photo by Donald Fink.

We’re about to embark on an Alaska cruise this week, but first, we spent the day walking around downtown Seattle. Actually, we spent just a few hours visiting the famous Fish Market on Pike Place. And yes, we stopped in at the original Starbucks store just to be able to say we did.

A bit of advice if you’re visiting Seattle: Like pretty much any big city, parking is very limited downtown. There’s street parking just like any big town, but good luck finding a place anywhere close to where you might be trying to go. There are parking garages too, but again, you may not be able to find one near your destination. Our recommendation? Use some sort of public transportation to get to and from the downtown area in Seattle. Either a shuttle bus, taxi, or any of the various forms of public transit. We did, and were able to spend our time playing instead of navigating the traffic.

Now, here are a few of the images we made while walking around:


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