Port Orleans

Today we started another vacation. And as with many of our vacations, we’re spending the night at one of our favorite Disney hotels, Disney’s Port Orleans, Riverside. We’ve stayed at this hotel many times before and even posted a story about it on Mouseplanet.com here.

Today, our check in at Disney’s Port Orleans is worth noting. Disney has a process where you can electronically check in without visiting the front desk, and today it worked that way for us. For our check in, we received a text message from Disney telling us that our room was ready, and giving us our room number. We  already had a Magic Band associated with our account, and when the room was made ready it was associated with that room number. All we had to do was make our way to the room and walk in. No stopping by the front desk, no nothing. Tomorrow when we leave, we’ll just get up, load our stuff in the car, and leave. Easy Peasy.

As for the rest of the trip, we’re leaving Fort Lauderdale in southern Florida on Sunday and headed over to Southampton, England aboard the Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas. We’ll make our way through three stops in the eastern Caribbean, then finally head across the Atlantic. After arriving in Southampton, we’ll leave for a few days in the Mediterranean, making stops in Rome, Barcelona, Gibraltar, and a few other spots, finally making our way back to Southampton where we’ll catch another ship for a tour of the British Isles.

Here are a few images of Port Orleans, Riverside. Enjoy.

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