Heidelberg goes down as one of those places that warrants a return trip at some point. While we weren’t totally blown away with the adventure, it was nevertheless a decent town to visit. We spent a couple of nights at a downtown Holiday Inn Express that was within easy walking distance to Old Town and the Heidelberg Castle. We spent one even strolling Old Town, and one day at the Castle and again at Old Town.

Again, we weren’t exactly blown over by Heidelberg, but you have to remember that it’s a relatively big town and we’re not big town folks. Also, we were here basically one day. The castle was massive in size, but the part that you could actually enter was small. There was major construction everywhere at the castle, which should make for a really good visit in years to come when everything gets re-conditioned. And of course, there was the Starbuck’s in Old Town, which was a welcomed site for Americans in search of something familiar.

Here are a few images we made in Heidelberg. Hope you enjoy:

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