Disney’s International Food Festival is Here.

Food and Wine Festival

Disney’s International Food and Wine Festival, 2013 is underway from September 27th until November 11th.

We’re not food bloggers or critics, but it’s still a fun time for us when the International Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT starts. This year appears to be no exception. Being the first day of the festival, we made our way over to EPCOT when World Showcase opened up at 11:00 and walked the circle to see what was there. Today was recon only, so our only sampling was a milk chocolate square at Ghirardelli’s. Hard to pass that up.

So far, the lineup looks like it’s going to be a good time over the next few weeks. Last year our favorite was Canada’s Filet Mignon and it looks like the clear winner to us this year too. Another offering that will be fun to explore will be Belgium’s Belgium Waffles with Chocolate Ganache. Two other possibilities might be the grass fed beef sliders with Monterey Jack at the Florida Marketplace, and the venison sausage at New Zealand.



Brazil at the international Food Festival

Lines gathered at Brazil and most other countries to sample the offerings at the Food Festival.

Of course, for the wine lovers, there’s 300 national and international wines being offered according to Pam Brandon, Disney Food Writer, so there should be something any wine lover can appreciate in the 45 days left. Several classes on wines and cooking, and even one on chocolate, our favorite food pastime.

One of our favorite Disney Food web sites is the DisneyFoodBlog. A.J Wolfe – the blog’s owner and principal writer – has a Bingo game card full of food from around World Showcase. Print the card and see if you can get a Bingo. There’s nothing to win, but it looks like fun.

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