Saint Augustine

St. Augustine’s Old Town

St. Augustine’s Old Town

Not long ago we ventured north from Orlando to visit the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. It’s nesting season up there and we wanted some new bird images. While we were there, we walked through St. Augustine’s old town.

You may know that St. Augustine prides itself as being the oldest continuously inhabited European city in the U.S. The debate continues though, because the town of Taos, New Mexico, maintains that it is the oldest continuously inhabited city in America. The difference being the word, “European.”

In any case, we enjoy St. Augustine and can always find something interesting when we visit. Take a look at our brief video and see what you think.

The old town at in St. Augustine is a prime tourist attraction these days, with the restaurants, bars, and shopping, but it’s easy to see that this place has history. It’s a fun walk about town and always worth some time.
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