Is the Food Quality aboard Cruise Ships Changing?

Is the Food Quality aboard Cruise Ships Changing?

When you read the cruise and travel blogs, it seems that a lot of folks believe that the quality of the food aboard cruise ships has declined over the past few years. Many people complain about the overall quality, but when you really drill down to the specifics, it’s not clear what they mean.

During this cruise we’ve had a lot of time to give this some thought and have made a couple of observations. And of course, we’ve formed a couple of opinions about the quality of the food that we would like to share here.

First, we should make some qualifying statements so you can better understand why we have the opinions we have about cruise ship food. Not long ago, we entered into a weight loss program. More of an overall fitness and wellness program really, but part of the philosophy in our weight loss program was that, since we were going to significantly restrict the quantity of our food intake, we would concentrate on overall food quality to help make up for the lack of volume. It’s been working for us, but we’ve made some changes to our diets as a result and certain kinds of foods are not part of our normal routine anymore. Continue reading →

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Food and Wine Festival Almost Here

Food and Wine Festival Almost Here

Food and Wine Festival Training

Cast members training for the 2013 International Food and Wine Festival

At 4:44 PM EDT this afternoon it will be officially fall in Orlando. We’ve been back from our summer trip for about two weeks and while it’s not getting any cooler in central Florida, things are definitely changing. We’re reminded as we walked through EPCOT today that it’s less than a week until the International Food and Wine Festival begins. And while the Food and Wine Festival may not be the most important event in the year for us, it certainly is an activity that’s worth visiting at Disney, at least a few times.

Last year we enjoyed sampling the meals from several countries, but it was no surprise that our favorites were the steaks from Canada and the pumpkin mousse from America. We understand that the pumpkin mousse will be not be featured this year, but there’s sure to be something else. there always is, right? In addition to some great wine and food, we’re looking forward to the “Eat to the Beat” concert series. Each day during the Festival, a band plays at the America Gardens Theater. They usually do a short, 30 minute show three times a day starting in the late afternoon. This year the theme will be sounds from the 70s, 80s, and 90s with over a dozen bands attending.

So if you’re interest is wine, great food, or both, and if you’re a local or will happen to be in Florida in the next few weeks, this is a great time to come to EPCOT. More images from around EPCOT are here. More on the Food and Wine Festival here.

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