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Summer in the Rocky Mountains

It’s July 2nd, and we’re all set for a trip out west. On July 5th we’ll leave Orlando and begin our pilgrimage to Angel Fire, NM, where we’ll do some maintenance on our house. We’ll probably make this trip every year until the house sells. We’ve got our camping gear and our motorcycle with us so we’ll head north from New Mexico when we’re finished and do a couple of months worth of camping, hiking, and riding.

First, we’ll stop in and visit some friends in Longmont, Colorado. After Longmont, we’ll pay visits to Yellowstone, Glacier, Waterton Lakes, and finally make our way back to Orlando, arriving in early September. We’ll make a stop in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park where we’ll do some hiking and Tennessee motorcycle riding.

Our goal of course is to collect more great images for our stock photography and write some good travel articles about those parks and forests. We’ll of course make posts here about our stops, and then put up full articles as we get them done.

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